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Jan King of The Hill 3v3 Championship

Jan 3v3 King of the Hill Championship

Date: January 6th, 2018

Time: TBD

Location: The Hill - 2190 W Lucas Road, Allen, TX 75002

Cost: Option to pay team fee, or individual player fee (see registrations below)

Team Fee: $500  (paid by coach or parent)- $300 before 7/1

Player Fee: $60  (paid by parent/guardian)

*Early bird pricing available if registered before July 1, 2017!

Age Groups: (2029, 2030 K-1) (2028 2nd grade) (2027 3rd Grade) (2026 4th Grade) (2025 5th Grade) (2024 6th Grade) (2023 7th Grade) (2022 8th Grade)


Team and Player RegistratIon


TEAM REGISTRATION  Done by parent/coach, one team fee. After registering team, each player must register individually via "Player Waiver- No Cost" link below.

PLAYER WAIVER "No Cost" Done by parent/guardian (no fee). Click here if your son is on a full team and the team fee was paid by the coach.

Don't have a full team to play with? No problem! Just sign up here under "Free Agent Registration" and type "FREE AGENT" in the team name box. This FREE AGENT link may also be used to register a full team of players paying individually, just type your team name in box when prompted.

What is 3 on 3 Lacrosse?

3 on 3 lacrosse is a very fast paced game played on a 30yd by 30yd "Half court" field. It combines aspects of box & field lacrosse while incorporating key attributes from basketball, soccer, hockey, football and tennis. We started playing this style to help players learn how to move efficiently and correctly on the field, while also significantly diminishing the learning curve for new players trying to get a taste of the game. Playing this style makes the game very easy to get a grasp of, and find the openings on the field.

3 on 3 lacrosse is all about having fun, and playing fast. That fast-paced mindset isn't only for the offensive side of the ball, though. It also feeds directly into how the game needs to be played defensively. By playing in this 3 on 3 setting our players ability to rotate and communicate while playing defense has improved dramatically. The quickness of the ball forces players to pick things up on the fly or face the consequences. Lastly, there is no goalie in the net, so no matter a players' offensive prowess he can still be a highly effective weapon on the field. Each net will have an intimidator in place of a goalie.

Click HERE for game rules and tournament format

Teams Attended 3v3 King of the Hill Tournament in January 2017

K (2030) and 1st Grade (2029) Divison: (Sentry High Octane) (Prosper Blue) (Sentry Big Dogs) (Prosper White)

2nd Grade (2028) Division: (Mohicans) (Mad Lax) (Prosper Eagles) (CrosseFire Leopards.) (Sentry Snipers.)

3rd Grade (2027) Division: (Crusaders) (Vikings) (Green Hornets) (Fighting Leopards) (Mohicans Blue) (Eagle-3) (Fast and Furious) (Mohicans White)

4th Grade (2026) Division: (Task Force Bruiser) (The Warriors) (Team TEXAS) (HSC Tigers) (East Side)(Crease Monkeys) (TBD 2025)

5th Grade (2025) Division: (Eagle 1) (Knuckle Heads) (Cowboys) (The Ballers) (Lake Travis)

6th Grade (2024) Division: (The Scotts) (Sentry North Fighters) (LC Diesel) (LT CAVS -2023)(Brady's Bunch 2023#B strong) (Count it!)

7th Grade (2023) Division: (Brady' Bunch 2022#Value ) (Dragons) (Lovejoy Leopards 7) (S22) (The Ponies) (Brady' Bunch 2022#Family)

8th Grade (2022) Division: (Leopards8) (Blue Collar Bruisers) (Buzzkill) (Rockwall Heath) (Brady's Bunch 2021#Believe) (Mayhem)


SCHEDULE: "TourneyMachine"

Click here to view the SCHEDULE  

Please download the TourneyMachine app to your phone, and follow your teams!

Weather Policy:

Weather Policy: Texas Elite has a NO refund policy for bad weather. If there is a delay, cancellation, or hours added to a camp from a delay from a prior day, Texas Elite staff will be in touch via the email address provided in your camp registration with instructions on what to expect.